Welcome to our team home page - we kick ass

Welcome to our website. We are the ass kicking league of legends team HOUSE OF NATIONS! Firstly thanks for taking the time to visit us. We hope you find out all you wanted to know about us. Ha there isn't much really if I'm going to be honest. We live for League of Legends. We've all been playing it since the early beta days when it looked blocky as hell and just didn't work. But we saw the potential and stuck with it and damn are we glad we did. The game has come so far since then and so has the community. While we're talking about community check out from brother League of Legends website about countering different champions at Ashe counter. He'll me for for ages if I don't share his "amazing counter" website he's always banging on about.

Miss fortune

I'd just like to share some chit chat about Miss Fortune. I really like this champion. She is one of those rare champions that I seem to find myself using everyone of her abilities and that really is rare. Her auto attack is a rather standard shot from her gun. Which can do extra damage if you switch targets. Her Q is a more powerful shot. Her W when passive is basically extra speed and when active its an attack speed boost for 3 seconds. Her E is really handy its quite a long range rain down bullets from the sky and slow your enemy champions down type thing. Really handy for creating space in the lanes and chasing champions that are on low health. Her ultimiate is a massive almost like flame thrower. Its a wide huge damage ultimate. It does have one catch though, basically if you move then it stops. Or if anyone hits or stuns you. The best time to use it is when there is a team fight with melee champions because they'll all be close together. When I like doing is using my E when rains down and slows them then using my ulitmate so they struggle to move out of the wave of damage. The only thing I don't like about miss fortune is the low health she has. If someone like warwick gets close to you then you're pretty much dead to be honest. Thats why I always build guardian angel early on. If you die it bringss you back to life with 30% health which is pretty good. I also like that it gives you about 3 seconds to plan you're next move.

Taric - so funny

I played Taric the other day for a laugh.....man he's gay. Just the things he says are soooo camp and have you been that pink skin you can buy. I'm so tempted to buy it just because of how silly he looks. Ha imagine that banter that would be had. On a more serious note I did find he was a decent support unit. I have to admit with support like taric when built tanky I do find myself just healing people and getting hit. ButI guess thats what you're meant to do ha!